Thursday, February 04, 2010

iPad takes over the Public Library - Let Kindle stop that

Much to everyones dismay the iPad came out with very little of what we were all expecting.  What makes Apple great is not really their products but their tie-up to media. The ipod is not the greatest media player but the iTune store and 99c a song is genius.  What I hope to see from Apple soon is a tie in to books. Imagine they could put together a package with Publishers with a Netflix like plan. Lets say you pay $20 a month for 5 books that you can take out. For each book selected $4 will be assigned to it. The publisher gets 70% and apple keeps the 30% (Or some similar ratio). Now once its on your iPad you can keep it as long as you want and then swap it for a new book when you are ready. If a book is over a year old lets say then maybe you can "sell" this book to another iPad user for a one time $2 fee. Apple and the Publisher get a cut out of that as well. The 5 books a month apply to new books and you will also have say a 20 book a month limit for "second hand" books which were transferred to you by another user. Lastly you can then buy a book as is available today for the going price - what you have already paid.