Friday, August 13, 2010

Immerse the world on Bing, Google and Foursquare

One of the problems facing mappers is the abundance of locations to map.  My idea will aid in this using crowd sourcing.  If one takes a 360 degree video of a location from 2 or more spots, you should be able to build up a 3D visualization of the area. So in a store for example you go to 3 corners or up and down the isles and take a video on your iPhone or android or windows phone. Then you submit the video in to Bing who uses a Photosynth like technique to "build" the 3d map. You tag the map with its gps location. As more people do this we will be able to build up 3D virtualizations of huge amounts of areas. Where foursquare fits in with this is to add the social location aspect to it. You can encourage people to submit these videos by maybe creating new categories in foursquare like Chief Videographer for the person submitting the most videos etc...

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

No more crime and we dont even need Batman or the Avengers

Everyone now has a cell phone. When a crime goes down, be it a bank robbery or 7-11 hold up. The proprietor should be able to alert the police and they should be able to run a trace via ATT, TMobile etc to see who was in the area at the time. Based on that and eye witnesses they can nab the perpetrator. Even better if its a modern smart phone, maybe the smart phone can be made to "alert" the sore to its presence and then you can trace it the owner and arrest them.