Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mila Kunis should do a Buffet

Kudo's to Mila for going on her date with a Marine. Heres an idea that can take this to the next level. Like Warren Buffet, Mila should auction off a date a year to a US Serviceman. She can select one from a competition on twitter or facebook.  Then the proceeds of the auction go to pay for the simple date like a dinner and the balance to the Wounded Warrior fund or some other worthwhile charity..  Going one step further maybe Mila can round up some other Hollywood A level celebs and they can all do this say once a month.  It would certainly be a big motivator for our armed services to show that we care.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Next Vertical - The Danger Zone

Most companies have big issues trying to get into alternate verticals. Take Starbucks trying to sell other items in their stores, Its just not working. However one company that can get away with it is Apple. Imagine Apple came out with a cool pair of sunglasses (Maybe partner with Rayban).  With polished glass and smooth finishes.  I wouldn't be surprised if every apple fan would pick one up.  It would especially work when technology catches up with us and we have heads up-displays in our eye wear. Apple would be years ahead...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Apple a day keeps the text books away

This is an idea ive had for a while and only now is it possible. iPad sales are through the roof, so are kindle and Im sure all the new pads coming from HP, Samsung etc. 
Also ePublishers are only now starting to make interactive textbooks with "social networking" where co-classmates and teachers can view comments, progress, suggestions from eachother about their current textbooks.
Now if Apple or (any of the others) were really clever they would make a deal with the universities that the same way a university can get "student pricing" on software, they can get it on iPads too. If youre a student and want an iPad give it to them for 25% off retail price (or whatever 5% + cost would be). In this way schools would promote them to their students and once a student graduates, they are bound to upgrade to a newer one and they can sell their older model
This would give a huge market share to whichever company went with this model.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Immerse the world on Bing, Google and Foursquare

One of the problems facing mappers is the abundance of locations to map.  My idea will aid in this using crowd sourcing.  If one takes a 360 degree video of a location from 2 or more spots, you should be able to build up a 3D visualization of the area. So in a store for example you go to 3 corners or up and down the isles and take a video on your iPhone or android or windows phone. Then you submit the video in to Bing who uses a Photosynth like technique to "build" the 3d map. You tag the map with its gps location. As more people do this we will be able to build up 3D virtualizations of huge amounts of areas. Where foursquare fits in with this is to add the social location aspect to it. You can encourage people to submit these videos by maybe creating new categories in foursquare like Chief Videographer for the person submitting the most videos etc...

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

No more crime and we dont even need Batman or the Avengers

Everyone now has a cell phone. When a crime goes down, be it a bank robbery or 7-11 hold up. The proprietor should be able to alert the police and they should be able to run a trace via ATT, TMobile etc to see who was in the area at the time. Based on that and eye witnesses they can nab the perpetrator. Even better if its a modern smart phone, maybe the smart phone can be made to "alert" the sore to its presence and then you can trace it the owner and arrest them.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I heart Apple

This was an idea that I had a while ago but was reminded by a posting today in Engadget (Pity I didn't patent this first)
Essentially today people use a device called a holder meter to monitor their heart rhythms. This is a portable device that you wear and it records your heart rate. The device I personally used had 3 leads and then a box to record the readings and then you transmitted the readings audibly over the phone once a day.  It would be much less invasive and easier if we had this iPhone app that has external leads to monitor your heart and then allowed you to electronically submit the readings online
The issues that I faced (why I didn't pursue this) is that you would need FCC approval for the device as its a medical related machine.
Here's the link http://www.engadget.com/2010/05/06/apples-seamlessly-embedded-heart-rate-monitor-could-turn-the-ip/
As you can see from the apple post, theirs is not aimed as medical device, but I believe it has great potential in that field.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

iPad takes over the Public Library - Let Kindle stop that

Much to everyones dismay the iPad came out with very little of what we were all expecting.  What makes Apple great is not really their products but their tie-up to media. The ipod is not the greatest media player but the iTune store and 99c a song is genius.  What I hope to see from Apple soon is a tie in to books. Imagine they could put together a package with Publishers with a Netflix like plan. Lets say you pay $20 a month for 5 books that you can take out. For each book selected $4 will be assigned to it. The publisher gets 70% and apple keeps the 30% (Or some similar ratio). Now once its on your iPad you can keep it as long as you want and then swap it for a new book when you are ready. If a book is over a year old lets say then maybe you can "sell" this book to another iPad user for a one time $2 fee. Apple and the Publisher get a cut out of that as well. The 5 books a month apply to new books and you will also have say a 20 book a month limit for "second hand" books which were transferred to you by another user. Lastly you can then buy a book as is available today for the going price - what you have already paid.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Im Back!!


Its been a while. I was employed by IBM for the last 3 years and signed away all my intellectual thought. Now Im back and I have plenty new ideas.

My time at IBM was extremely fruitful. I filed one patent and have over 10 more published ideas. I worked in their innovation programs such as THinkplace, an idea repository and I did extensive work on collaboration and Web 2.0 processes.

My new ideas will follow shortly

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Google helps with your Homework

Heres an idea for some slacker at Google who needs an idea for his 20% free time. Microsoft Search, Yahoo are welcome to use this idea too.
The same way Google aggregates News and displays it on the page, they should do a similar thing for Homework pages. Lets say a kid is doing a project on Dinosaurs, it should display different topics about dinosaurs, mixed with video and images. Also latest news and other categories

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Charge up your business

This idea is about utilizing solar power. It requires a cheaper solar panel system thats whats available today. If you put solar panels on the roofs of cars. then they plug in to an electricity port when u get to work / shopping center (or charge their hybid battery) and let the charge upload to the works power supply.