Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Apple a day keeps the text books away

This is an idea ive had for a while and only now is it possible. iPad sales are through the roof, so are kindle and Im sure all the new pads coming from HP, Samsung etc. 
Also ePublishers are only now starting to make interactive textbooks with "social networking" where co-classmates and teachers can view comments, progress, suggestions from eachother about their current textbooks.
Now if Apple or (any of the others) were really clever they would make a deal with the universities that the same way a university can get "student pricing" on software, they can get it on iPads too. If youre a student and want an iPad give it to them for 25% off retail price (or whatever 5% + cost would be). In this way schools would promote them to their students and once a student graduates, they are bound to upgrade to a newer one and they can sell their older model
This would give a huge market share to whichever company went with this model.

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