Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Charge up your business

This idea is about utilizing solar power. It requires a cheaper solar panel system thats whats available today. If you put solar panels on the roofs of cars. then they plug in to an electricity port when u get to work / shopping center (or charge their hybid battery) and let the charge upload to the works power supply.


Don said...

Gas is actually cheaper than plugging our auto's into a electrical socket for 4 hours to recharge the batteries of every car in America.

Running autos with water (burning the o2, while exhausting the carbon) would be far less expensive and less polluting.

Singles said...

The idea is not to charge up your car (which in itself could be a pro once more people have hybrids) but rather to use the electricity generated from cars solar panels to feed into a companies electric system and save electricity for the company. If more electricity is generated than needed by the company it could go back into the electric grid in the are and the company could realize a profit