Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Blockbuster, Online is Offline

Here's a suggestion for Blockbuster. In order to compete better against Netflix they have to make a better process for instore purchases. My suggestion is that they already have a rent 3 movies at a time program and when u return one u take out another one program. They should implement their queue system instore as well so that once I take out my 3 videos the next 3 will be waiting for me. Using fast burning technology and inventory management they could have a machine there that will just burn the DVD for me, slap on a bar code and away I go. When I return it they either destroy the DVD or return it to a shelf, if its on request by someone else. In this way they will also never run out of DVD's in store as even if they have used up their in-store quota, they could always "borrow" from some store that hasn't.

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