Saturday, June 03, 2006

MSN, YAHOO CNN. Help the world see me!

There are currently huge numbers of online surfers that visit CNN, or Yahoo or every day. For these large portals they all offer news of some kind on their pages. What you often see is some esoteric article about a small company that eventually grows that company. A good example of this is that CNN had links to the million dollar page that eventually helped its author reach a million dollars.

Well they should offer say 4 links on their home pages to small individuals trying to make a go of their site. In return the site should offer the Portal a percentage in their company. In this way these Portals can help incubate entrepreneurs. In return they will have revenue in companies that could make it big as well as advertising on the page that would bring more customers to the portals site.


Anonymous said...

This is stupid why would MSN link to another site if they can make revenues from commercials at their own site, at 100% and not a small cut xD

Singles said...


I guess if at some stage MSN highlighted YouTube and got say 25% cut of the company then it wouldnt look so stubid when they sell out later at 1.6Billion dollars. The idea is that MSN, YAHOO etc diversify into smaller sites, some of which will make it big later on. Very similar to venture capital but it costs MSN nothing.