Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Incubation vs Angels and Venture Capital

Here's an idea for Google or Yahoo or Amazon or eBay or any large Internet based Company.
Similar to American Inventor on TV. There are thousands of individuals with great ideas for web sites that can possibly grow to MySpace proportions. The problem is that these people dont have the technical expertise, money or project management skills to get it working.

For a company say Google to create an incubation division of say 10 people 8 developers and two managers would be a great idea.

They would choose say 4 projects a year and work for 1 year on them. In return they would get say 25% stake in the revenue and have a special "content" voting capacity of 50%. If the person wants to change the content to be off Googles company policies then they need a majority vote. This allows Google to retain control of the content.

After 1 Year the person is then on their own. The site will also get Google labeled and promoted in a special google section.

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